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We could not do what we do without the support of our amazing team of volunteers. As a non-profit, none of our volunteers get paid. Some have been with us for many years, and some for a few months, but we at Ashburn's consider ourselves a family regardless. If you would be interested in becoming a volunteer, head to the volunteer page to find out more about what we do!

Janel started Ashburn's Animals over 10 years ago to help both people and animals. Since then, she has led the organization and its volunteers to what it is today. She loves every animal and 



Charlie has been at the farm for 7 years. He specializes in anything mechanical and can fix just about anything that we need him to. Charlie is a full-time employee at SRS Electric and spends his evenings volunteering. 



Ethan has been a steady volunteer for us for about 2 years. He attends Selinsgrove Area High School and wants to enter the workforce upon graduation. At the farm, he does just about anything and has a love for Honey the horse. 





Tana Miller

Amanda is willing to work with just about any animal, she does a great job handling much of our social media and publicity. Fun fact: she has adopted two of her pet snakes from the rescue!



Evie began her journey at Ashurn's just a couple months ago, but we are glad to have her as she loves learning new things every day! Her favorite animal to work with is Tiggy the hedgehog. She attends Selinsgrove Area Middle School and wants to head into the baking business, eventually owning her own bakery.

Junior Volunteer


Katie has been a volunteer for over 7 years. As the AD, she is responsible for overseeing the junior volunteer program, coordinating events, and running daily operation. She is currently a full-time student at Bloomsburg University with plans of becoming a nurse. Her favorite animal at the farm is Cleo the pony. 

Assistant Director


Nate became part of the team 6 years ago. He began as our "reptile guy" and still lives up to that title, working primarily with our cold-blooded critters. He attends Penn State with the dream of becoming an agriculture teacher and wildlife educator. His favorite animal is Roosevelt the corn snake. 



Haven is our youngest volunteer and has been with us she she was a few weeks old! She loves to help her cousin Katie feed the animals around the farm! She is always quick to remind us that horses say "neigh" and pigs say "oink oink." She loves all animals, especially snakes!

Junior Volunteer


Sydney began volunteering a few months back, but has been learning and adapting quickly here! She loves all animals, but has a fond affection for bearded dragons. A student at Selinsgrove Area Middle School, she wishes to pursue a career where she can work with animals daily. 

Junior Volunteer