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All of the animals that have come to the farm have unique stories, histories, and care requirements. They all have names and are loved by our volunteers and community members. 

We try to adopt out as many animals as we can. However, due to prior history, medical conditions, age, and other factors, some animals spend the rest of their days with us at the farm. We have seen our fair share of animals passing both due to conditions they came to us with and after living healthy, peaceful lives at the farm. You can view these animals under the In Memory button below. We wish to honor their lives and the purpose we carry as a rescue.

To learn about the animals we have currently, browse our gallery below. If you wish to sponsor an animal, click on it and you can make the donation via PayPal through our website. To adopt and animal, you can fill out the adoption applicaiton below after you find an adoptable animal you wish to take in.

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