Bacon - Sponsor

Bacon - Sponsor

Bacon is a western hognose snake. Which is a species of nonvenomous snake. The species is endemic to North America. The western hognose has different patterned scales. Some people might confuse it with the rattlesnake, especially a juvenile hognose, but just reference the tail when in doubt. This snake is characterized by its stout body and the upturned nose, which looks like that of a hedgehog. The keeled scales of this snake come in various colors like brown, olive, and gray with dark patterns all over the body, and the belly side has glossy scales. This snake has big teeth towards the rear end of its mouth, which are called rear fangs. The females are larger in size than the male, growing up to 3 ft., whereas the male will grow only up to 18 - 24 inches. This difference helps in easy differentiation between males and females.

In the wild, this snake feeds on frogs and toads. The nose of the hognose helps to burrow itself in the sand and find the buried toads. Apart from toads, the diet of a western hognose also consists of various other preys like lizards, small rodents, or other eggs.

Bacon is roughly 5 years old and about 2 feet long. Bacon came to Ashburns in January 2019 and was actually a trade (which is very common in the reptile owner world). Her previous owner was looking to exchange her for a blue tongue skink and we actually happened to have one up for adoption so it ended up working out that both animals got a loving home! Bacon loves to burrow wherever she is, and she is super friendly and easy to be handled!

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