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Choo - Sponsor

Choo - Sponsor

Chew is our beautiful special needs pony who came to Ashburns back in 2011. His original family started selling their horses and realized he was showing signs of potentially needing special care. He bounced around in a few homes before coming to us.

Chew was diagnosed with chronic laminitis and cushings disease. Due to his diagnosis, he requires a special diet, medications, supplements and frequent hoof care. His physical appearance often looks strange, as he appears thin, but he actually has a big belly which is common for cushings disease. Chew also doesn't shed his thick curly coat (a result of his cushings) properly so he needs to be clippered.

Chew is estimated to be in his 30's, so because of his advanced age he requires annual teeth trims, called "floats" in equine. Our sweet Chew also had a penile tumor removed recently.

Chew has a very laid back personality and will do almost anything for food!

  • Sponsor Information

    Sponsoring an animal here at Ashburn's is a big deal, and we're happy that you're considering it. To sponsor an animal means to help it stay happy and healthy on its journey to finding a "fur"-ever home! Your sponsorship donation will go towards the animal's daily care including feed, housing (like bedding), treats and enrichment, as well as veterinary care. 

    In addition, you get to become that animal's best friend! With your sponsorship, you will recieve a certificate of sponsorship with the animal's picture and autograph,  opportunities to meet and interact with the animal, and high priority when registering for events at the farm!

Price Options
One-time purchase
$10.00every month until canceled
$20.00every month until canceled
$30.00every month until canceled
$50.00every month until canceled
$75.00every month until canceled
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