Ducky - Sponsor

Ducky - Sponsor

Ducky is an adult blue-tongued skink, getting the name from his bright blue tongue! In the wild BTS's stick out their blue tongue and puff their bodies up to ward of predators. Known for their curious and intelligent personalites, blue-tongued skinks have become popular in the pet trade. Ducky is part of our educational programs where he enjoys interacting with the public. 

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    Sponsoring an animal here at Ashburn's is a big deal, and we're happy that you're considering it. To sponsor an animal means to help it stay happy and healthy on its journey to finding a "fur"-ever home! Your sponsorship donation will go towards the animal's daily care including feed, housing (like bedding), treats and enrichment, as well as veterinary care. 

    In addition, you get to become that animal's best friend! With your sponsorship, you will recieve a certificate of sponsorship with the animal's picture and autograph,  opportunities to meet and interact with the animal, and high priority when registering for events at the farm!

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