Thanksgiving - Sponsor

Thanksgiving - Sponsor

Roxanne is one of our older boa constirctors at the farm. She has a sweet disposition and can often be found in some of our educational programming.Clocking in around 8 feet long, she is about full grown, but reptiles continue to grow their entire lives. 


Boa constirctors are found throughout South America. They are called constrictors because of how they capture their prey. They will squeeze, or constrict, their prey until they are able to safely swallow it whole. Snakes like Roxanne are able to swallow prey much larger than their heads because they have jaws that actually unhinge to expand to a much larger size. 

In the wild, boa constrictors are usually nocturnal and solitary (meaning they are active at night and like to live alone). They will eat a variety of animals, like rodents, birds, and lizards. 


Roxanne would love to have a sponsor of her own. Consider being a sponsor today!

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    Sponsoring an animal here at Ashburn's is a big deal, and we're happy that you're considering it. To sponsor an animal means to help it stay happy and healthy on its journey to finding a "fur"-ever home! Your sponsorship donation will go towards the animal's daily care including feed, housing (like bedding), treats and enrichment, as well as veterinary care. 

    In addition, you get to become that animal's best friend! With your sponsorship, you will recieve a certificate of sponsorship with the animal's picture and autograph,  opportunities to meet and interact with the animal, and high priority when registering for events at the farm!

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